Trade Wind

Established in 1983, Trade Wind has a strong presence in the construction industry and is proud of its service in the field. Trade Wind operates primarily in the Sydney Metropolitan area with over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being a recognised, well respected and trusted company. Since its inception in the early eighties, Trade Wind has grown gradually in both size and notoriety. The company’s core beliefs of integrity, quality workmanship and reliability coupled with its focus on professionalism, passion and high standards make Trade Wind a reputable name in the industry.

Trade Wind operates primarily in the commercial, residential, industrial, government and infrastructure sectors, with a team of highly skilled employees with expertise in all aspects of the construction field including building, plumbing, demolition and excavation. The structure of our business, coupled with our thorough systems and procedures ensures the highest quality and on- time delivery of projects that satisfy our clients’ needs and surpass their expectations. This level of service is testament to the company’s dedication, focus commitment and precision execution evident in Trade Wind’s long history of delivering successful projects.

Even in changing times Trade Wind has maintained the flexibility, meticulous decision- making and commitment to quality that has secured its place as a trusted favourite within the construction industry.