Construction is our speciality. It is the business we started out in and the one that we confidently believe that we do better than anyone else around.

In our thirty years in business we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to construction. It is this experience that makes us the best in the game and the perfect choice for all of your construction needs.

All of our workers, vehicles and plant equipment are fully insured and we’re ready to take on whatever job you need doing properly. Whether it be lightweight work, concrete and masonry, structural landscaping, or even jobs on heritage listed buildings, our team of qualified, highly experienced professionals will get it done.

At Trade Wind we also specialise in responding to emergency requirements on any priority and unanticipated works.

The Trade Wind Construction Promise:

  • Experienced professionals on all jobs
  • Fully insured workers, vehicles and equipment
  • The ability to respond immediately to any emergency jobs

Call us for more information about how we can help: 02 9636 9549